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Tape management problem.

I am using BE 11 on WIndows with an Exabyte VXA2 autoloader.

I am having problems with the system not recognizing some tapes and duplicating them in the database.

For example.

I have a backup job that ran a few weeks ago. Due to a system error, I have to recover some data.

So I call back the tapes, load them into the drive, and run an inventory.

One of the tapes is not recognized. The bar-code is read properly, but the tape is seen as unused and not belinging to any backup sets. Even though there IS a tape, with that same bar code, present and that DOES belong to a backup set.

But for some reason, BE can't read it properly. Is there a way to figure out why it would do that?


My other problem is that the backup job spans 2 tapes. One of the tapes is not recognized, but the other is. For some reason, BE will not allow me to retrieve data from the tape that shows as valid without the second tape being present. Is there a work-around for this?