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Tape moved to vault - changed to scratch

Level 4


Perhaps someone could provide an explanation for the following:

Weekend backups finished, all jobs duplicated to physical tape from VTL backups.  It's time to unload the tapes and take them to the data safe for safekeeping.  In order to keep track of things and to keep the boss and the auditors content, I manually select the used tapes and move them to one of the two vault containers I've created under the media tab.  I then export the tapes, and place them in the carrier for transport.

There are still 5 weeks of overwrite protection on the tapes that have been vaulted and exported.

Why then, when I go to print the vault report have they been changed to scratch tapes?

This is most frustrating, not only because I've just sent a number of "scratch" tapes to the off-site storage, but also because it's only an occasional incident.  A very annoying occasional incident.

Anyone? Anyone? Buhler? Buhler?




Level 2

Did this ever get resolved?