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Tape will not eject after backup completion (BE '14)

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Customer's Dell RD1000 tape drive does not eject tape at the completion of nightly backups.  'Eject the media after the job completes' is selected in Backup Options, and was functioning normally up until a couple weeks ago, at which point the tape stopped automatically ejecting after job completion.  Nightly backups are still occuring, albeit by rewriting the day-before's job.  Manual ejection from the drive itself and from BE '14 interface is functioning normally. 

Have tried:
-- Rebooting BE '14
-- Rebooting server
-- Checking RD1000's driver (confirmed up to date)
-- Un/Reinstall RD1000's driver
-- Manually ejecting/replacing tape (ejection mechanism confirmed operational)

This same issue happened a few months ago, at which point we replaced the drive.  Now that this has happened again -- less than 3 months into the drive's life -- I'm assuming the issue stems from BE '14 itself (or something else software-related), rather than another premature hardware failure. 

ANY insights, help, etc. would be greatly appreciated! 




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Could you please check alerts in Backup Exec if alert similar to one mentioned in following technote is recorded :

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make sure BE 2014 is patched to latest Service Pack 2
run some small backups of each resource (just to narrow down the problem) with eject after backup completes. Check if the cartridge is not getting ejected when backing up a certain resource (in which case you will need to create seperate job to test if the cartridge is ejected when you backup just files or is it ejected when you backup Sharepoint resource or system state with GRT selected etc. ). Is it possible to exclude the drive path of RD1000 from AV.