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Tapes in Wrong Media Set

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We've recently noticed that our Backup Tapes have been put in a default Media Set called "Backup Exec and Windows NT Backup Media" where overwrite protection is set to infinite - do not overwrite.

Our tapes are constantly being ejected and jobs are failing because it's not able to manage its own space.

I've read a thread where a representative keeps saying "This is by design" but fails to offer any explanation on how to allow these tapes to be overwritten. It would appear the tapes are meant to be in this set "by design", but how they get permission to be overwritten is beyond me, and everyone else we've found having the exact same problem. We have a user created set with overwrite settings just how we want, but this is pointless since the tapes are stuck in another set.


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Tapes generally get put into that media set when they are inventoried and found to have Backup Exec data that was written by a Backup Exec different server.

If these tapes are ready to be recycled and overwritten (data destructive), I would suggest running an erase job on these tapes.  Then they will be ready for use by backup jobs.

If these tapes are not ready to be overwritten, I would move them into the desired media set for sate keeping.  They will not be overwritable until the protection from that new media set has expired (starting now).

I think we would need to know more details from you to explain why they are in the current media set.

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I believe you are referring to Colin Weaver's solution to this discussion

If you read the solution carefully, he suggests that you update your BE 2012 to the latest fixes which means at least SP4 to handle this defect.

BTW, you are using RDX cartridges so do not refer to them as tapes.  With SP4, storage on RDX cartridges will be handled by DLM and no longer use media sets.


Another thing to note is that BE 2012 is EOL and you should upgrade to the latest BE version which have a lot of enhancements to DLM.

Looking at the sets on each tape, there are jobs from an older server which I'm guessing is why they've been dumped in this media set.

I'd love to move the tape into another media set, but the option is greyed out; every tape is stuck in this non-overwritable set.

I'm going to have to ask the customer if we can completely erase one tape to reconfigure.

Thanks for your input Larry.

Hi pkh,

It was another discussion actually, but nevermind.

I'm now looking at following the linked instructions, but it would appear we are already on SP4. When clicking About Backup Exec, it shows we're on Version 14.0 Rev. 1798.1364 - I've checked another thread and it appears this is already on SP4:

I must remember to call them cartridges!

Thanks for your help!

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For RDX cartidges you should probably familiarize yourself with this blog