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Tapes now showing as Bad Media and moved to Retired Media after Migration to new server

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I have complete a migration of BE to v21.3 on W2019. Everything looks fine however all tapes used in rotation now show as Bad Media and moved to Retired Media.  Tape Device MSL2024 (using LT7 Ultrium drives)working fine and will backup using tapes if brand new or I have set an "Erase" on a previous tape marked as "Bad Media"

Obviously an issue as now I can't restore any data as the tapes backup sets show as Storage = Unknow instead of Tape Cartridge and also when rotating the tapes they will need to be erased before using again which is not ideal.

All drivers are fine and I previously did the same migration at another site prior to this and everything works fine only difference is the tape drives are LTO6 but this worked and is working with no issue.

Any ideas / input would be greatly appreciated.  Have logged the issue with Veritas but nothing obvious from them apart from the tapes are bad but everything was working fine prior to the migration and no issues with tapes whatsoever.





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Since they show as retired, what if you tried this test with one tape -> delete one of them ( right click on the tape and delete) -> then run an Inventory and catalog on that tape. Does it help to reuse the tape ?