Target backup job to specific media

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We have a robotic tape library consisting of 2 LTO7 drives, BE 16.

We primarily use LTO6 tapes however sometimes we need to backup data to LTO7 (eg, a particularly large set of data).

I am trying to work out how to tell/force BE to use LTO7 tapes for a specific ad-hoc job but each time it picks an LTO6 tape from the scratch media.

So far I have tried pre-allocating LTO7 tapes to a media set, targetting the job to that media set and ensuring that "overwrite recyclable media contained in the targetted media set before overwriting scratch media" is selected under BE settings\storage\media overwrite options.

I want to avoid partitioning the library if I can for the sake of the rare LTO7 jobs we have.

Is there anyway I can get/force BE to target a job to LTO 7 on an ad-hoc basis?

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Re: Target backup job to specific media

You should not associate the LTO7 with a media set.  If you do so, it immediately takes on the OPP and AP of the media set and would marked as protected.  You should leave the LTO7 in the scratch media set and make sure that there are no LTO6 in the scratch media set.

For future jobs, make sure that there are overwritable LTO7 tapes in the targeted media set before the start of the job.  Otherwise, do as the above.


Re: Target backup job to specific media

As well as PKHs answer

you need to be aware that media sets cannot be used to control exactly which tape a job uses - media sets in fact are only there to group tapes into groups of the same overwrite and append controls (which does relate to indivdiual jobs because it is data retention control).

However an overwritable tape in a specific media set can be moved by Backup Exec to another media set if it is the only tape available (based on rules that are covered in the tape handling section of the admin guide)

With regards your problem if you want a specific job to always use a specific tape (or tapes) you will need to partition the slots in the library and then put your LTO7 tape(s) into a specific partition before sending the backup jobs to the partition (and yes initially leave the tapes in scratch as per PKH answer). Once you partition a library in this way it can cause job failures due to lack of suitable media in the specific partition as such there are pros and cons to using partitions and you have to be very aware of available media (and how the media set/overwrite protection and append periods all work)

Finally (and this is just in case you happen to find out about this), BE can use barcode rules to distinguish between tape technologies - but these are not for your requirement, as barcode rules are used when you have two, or more, different tape drive technologies (and a mixture of tapes) in one library and they are then used to stop incompatible tapes being selected when the wrong drive is available (i.e use of an LTO-7 tape in an LTO-5 drive etc) As you have only LTO-7 drives, barcode rules won't help you.