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Technical Support = Stuff of Nightmares

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A pro tip for those who need technical support.  You will need to open 15 cases for the same problem so that the odds of someone contacting you on time increase to slightly above 50%.  

I've had a basic BE 2012 problem for a week now, I have 6 cases open for the it because the technicians do not schedule time to call.  They  As I'm sure most people in IT can relate, my Outlook calendar is jammed from 8-5PM.  Spontaneous calls to spend 1-2 hours working through a troubleshooting script usually don't work out.

If you try scheduling time with them, they will not call at the time they state.  At least this is my experience with ~100% of support cases with Symantec technicians.


So, in sum, if you have any Symantec problems, the path towards resolution is through sheer number of cases you can open.  The sweet spot is about 75 cases for the same problem.  That brings the odds to about 90% that you'll actually be contacted at a time you state.


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Hello Dave, 

          I apologize for the experience that you've had thus far. I can assure you that the above calculations in relation to the the level of customer service provided are slightly off, but i can absolutely understand how you feel. I mean hey, even if something works great and as intended 99% of the time if you are unlucky enough to fall in that 1 percent then as far as you're concerned it happens 100% of the time right. Id like to help you in getting your case addressed, if you would please PM me your case number and ill be sure to get the ball rolling. 

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Hi Dave,

I am very sorry to hear you have had such negative support experiences.  I really do understand your frustration.  As a Support Tech I know that myself and the others around me go above and beyond to make sure that their customers dont go through this type of nightmare. In fact, to have a customer such as yourself who wants to schedule appointments is highly coveted and is very much apprecated so that we can keep people from falling through the cracks.

Management is making it a top priority to make sure customers are getting all the help they need and is very sensitive to information conveying any dissastisfaction.

As Donald requested, if let me know your case number, I can look into this further and help ensure you get support that exceeds what you rightly expect.

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Hi Dave

I have found what I believe to be your support case and noticed that a Duty Manager is involved with the case itself. As such I have made them aware of the concernes you have expressed in this forum  post.

For both Dave and other customers, please do not log multiple cases for one problem as there are times when we do research before attempting contact with the the customer and having multiple cases will then have the effect of reducing the number of available engineers to work any other cases. Thus adding to any potential delays that might be experienced.







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As another customer with hundreds of hours on the phone with support, here are a couple of my suggestions (that lower my time and effort and seem to get better response):

1) Add to the case notes online - "I'm available now". "Call Now", "Waiting for your response", etc...

2) Call, put the case # in , it usually says the technician is not available, press 0 to get the call director, tell them you want a live technician, put on speakerphone and do the rest of your work while you wait...