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The best approach to backing up hyper v host

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I have a couple of servers witch are hosting hyper-v VM's.

Some of the VM's are with SQL on them and an exchange server also my DC is a virtual one.

I wonder what is the best approach to backing up this VM's.

I can create an individual jobs to every VM server or create a job to the host and select the hyper v VM's I want to back up.

I do need to be able to restore in VM level (in case the host die) and individual file (sql tables or email objects).

and I am kind of lost in choosing the best way to do so.



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Backup Exec does not restore SQL at table level - so if that is one of your requirements you may need to investigate other product s- the smallest SQL object Backup Exec can restore is a database - and this can be from a backup of the virtual machine using Applicationb GRT and if more than one database resides in the VM you can choose a specific database and not restore them all.

With regards the Hyper-V backup would suggets

1 Job for System State and volumes of the Hyper-V host itself (but not including the VMs)


1 or more virtual agent jobs (with GRT and possibly Application GRT enabled) covering the virtual machines)

However there is not really any best/recommended practice as it really is down to your choice and possibly affected by how many similtaneous jobs can run to your backup storage, the overall performance of your backup server and possibly how you plan to handle and retain the backup media