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The cleaning media 'CLN:XXXXXXXXXXXX ' has expired.

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Current Error:

Clean Drive 00022 -- The job failed with the following error: 
Library Error - attempt to clean a drive in a library with expired or bad cleaning media.

Alerts Information:

The cleaning media 'CLN:0003F200408A ' has expired.

Dear BE Experts,

Just recently took over the administration of Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2 from a collegue at work and we are using HP 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader.

Everything's working fine till I got a prompt the cleaning media has expired so I replace the old cleaning media with the newly purchased. After doing so when I check the general information of the cleaning media in the allocated autoloader(slot 1) it's still showing the old cleaning media details which was way back 2011. So far I tried running inventory/scan from the autoloader allocated but nothing happens. I also tried running the CLEAN operations from the Drive1 but the cleaning media won't be transferred to the Drive1 from the autoloader(slot1).

1.18.2014-1 Capture.PNG

Old Cleaning media details below.


Your inputs are highly appreciated. :)




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1) Associate both the new and old cleaning tape to the Retired Media set, right-click and delete them.

2) Right-click on the cleaning slot and clear the cleaning slot checkbox.

3) Put the new cleaning tape into another slot, right-click on the slot and check the cleaning slot checkbox.

4) Try again.

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These KBs may help -


I would suggest upgrading from BE 2010 R2 to BE 2010 R3 and install all the patches.  Your same licenses apply, so there is no cost.