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The job does not end until the media withdrawal is validated

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We have an incremental job of our 4 VMs Hyper-V + Daily Hypervisor to an RDX cartridge (1 cartridge per week, with 1 full job the weekend for the incremental job to work with cartridge rotation because we have 1 USB RDX drive and not an RDX bay). The job is done without problems and I activated the ejection of the media at the end of the job.
This is done without problems, but we have an alert "Media request: Remove media from the drive and click OK" and as long as we do not click on "Reply OK", the job does not end!
This is very embarrassing, because it requires a daily human intervention otherwise the future jobs will not be launched anymore.
How can we fix this problem?
Best regard.
PS : My version of BE is 20.4

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You can go to Alerts and add an automated response to the Media Removal alert.


Thanks for the information, I activated the automatic answer, I see tomorrow morning if the backup ended well. I keep you informed
Best regards