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The queried backup sets contain two backup sets with the same ID

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After some serious disaster on BE15(latest patch), I managed to get the server running again. However I am facing a different issue. 


When I select the deduplication storage and select Backup Sets tab, I see "Load Failed... The queried backup sets contain two backup sets with the same ID." . This happened after I removed this member server from CASO environment.


I checked the catalog files and they are present. I also tried the "Catrebuildindex -r" method mentioned at the post "". This had happened a couple of times when the server was a managed server in CASO environment but after a couple of F5, I was able to see the Backup Sets and even start restores.


Any ideas?


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When it comes to a dedupe folder I'd recommend opening a support call with Symantec to get it resolved. It normall requires elevated support skills to get it working again.


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Is BE updated with FP2 ? Confirm via clicking on BE button - Installation & Configuration - Installed Updates.

How exactly was the member server removed from CASO ? Was it deleted from the CASO UI and/or was the MMS option uninstalled from the server ?


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Hi VJware,


I confirm that BE is updated with FP2.


Member server was removed from CASO by right click and delete. Then I rebooted the ex-member server.