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The windows task scheduler is not running...

I upgraded to backup exec 12.5 on my main server and completed new installs of the dlo agent on windows 7 client computers and every time a user logs in we get the following message:

The Windows Task Scheduler is not running. 
Start the Task Scheduler and click Retry to continue or Cancel to continue without scheduling any jobs.

This only happens on Windows 7 computers new and upgraded agents. 

When I click cancel the error messages goes away and operates normally but when they log out then in again the message appears again. I tried following the following article but it is not helpful at all

I searched and downloaded Netbackup DLO Desktop Agent 6.1 MP5 and I am unable to install it with the Backup Exec 12.5 key we purchased. 

I would appreciate any and all suggestions to help me solve this problem, thanks.
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Backup Exec and Netbakup are

Backup Exec and Netbakup are completely different software and agent of one will not work on another software.
The article that you lookes is also for Netbackup not for backupexec.

Make sure the Task controller

Make sure the Task controller service is running , follow the steps suggested by Sazz.
Incase if that does not resolve you would need to uninstall the DLo agent ,reboot the machine and re-install the dlo agent

Thanks for the suggestions...

Thanks for the suggestions and clearing the mixup between the two softwares but;

I tried both suggestions from sazz and RahulG and I still end up with the same problem do you all have any other suggestions on how I could solve this problem?

Even though I don't prefer doing this I even tried adding the users to the admin group I still get the error message.


Any other ideas...

Hello, I have tried your suggestions and I am not able to get the problem resolved. Do you have any other ideas I could try?