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Thinking of upgrading to version 10

Level 2
Well, I'm runnin ver 9.1 and since I didn't set this domain up, Im considering un-installing 9 and putting 10 in. My main concern here is disaster recovery. I want to create IDR recovery media for the windows2003 servers I backup now, the .DR files do get updated as we do a full backup of each server every night.
Problems I have now:
1.The .DR for the Exchange2003 server has stopped automatically updating
2.Documentation gives me a headache...
3. Previous administrator kept no documentation and told me nothing!!! ahhhhh
Any thoughts?

Level 6

It would be the best to install Backup Exec 10 directly over 9, since very often the uninstallation fails.
The dr files would not be updated if you have excluded any files from the backups. You could force the dr files to be updated with the help of the following document:

Hope it helps!

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