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Top Reasons to Upgrade to Backup Exec 22.0


I am very excited to introduce you to our newest release of Backup Exec!

The latest version of Backup Exec (BE) 22 is the most powerful, simple, secure, and unified data protection solution for small and midsize businesses (SMB). As the market leader, BE helps ensure that SMB customers’ business-critical data is never at risk of being lost, stolen, or corrupted.

Here is the brief overview of all the new features that we have introduced in version Backup Exec 22.

BE Simple Subscription Licensing (BE Simple):

This release introduces a competitively priced and feature-rich subscription licensing model that simplifies the purchasing process for customers, and allows for simplified scaling of protection as their environment and data protection needs evolve. The release combines all features and functionality formerly tied to our bronze, silver, and gold licensing levels into a single subscription offering. Try the new BE Simple License Calculator to quickly and easily calculate your licensing needs.

Built-in protection of Microsoft 365 OneDrive and Exchange Online:

Protection of Microsoft 365 users OneDrive and Exchange Online data is now included out-of-the-box in this release. Fully integrated into BE 22 with no need for a separate add-on or extra costs, we are confident that our customers will enjoy this new seamless and included protection capability. Try it out with this Backup Exec 22 60-day trial.


Support for V4 authentication of S3 service -

Backup Exec’s ability to send backups over S3 enabled Cloud storage server has got tremendous popularity. However, as time progresses, S3 service has got evolved.

S3 Signature Version 4 to sign API requests has been arrived, which is more secure than its predecessor S3 Signature version 2. And the good news is that, with the launch of Backup Exec 22, Backup Exec will use “compatible-with-s3-v4” provider, which will internally use S3 Signature version 4 to sign API requests. That said, customers can now send their data securely over deduplication enabled Cloud storage and over Cloud Storage (Cloud connector)

Thus, greater the authentication-based security in place, greater the peace of mind.

New regions supported for AWS & Google cloud –

AWS’s Jakarta and Google’s Santiago region are the newly announced data centers by the respective cloud giants, and Backup Exec 22 is prompt enough to immediately announce support for our customers' request from that region so that their backups will be sent to the provider’s nearest located data centers, resulting to faster backups.

Resilient backups to Cloud deduplication Storage –

With the introduction of Backup Exec 22, we have fine-tuned a number of parallel threads that carries data to Cloud Deduplication storage device. This helps to steadily carry the data to your cloud deduplication storage, and as a result, backups will be more resilient in the event that your internet upload bandwidth shrinks.

Performance Improvements –

Our internal lab tests demonstrated that backup copies sent over to AWS Cloud are faster than Backup Exec’s previous version, courtesy of our enhanced Cloud SDK (this is subject to external factors like internet upload bandwidth, etc).


Check out What's new in BE 22, and see version 22.0 in action in this great demo by VOX VIP and BE super user, @Girishrox:

Take advantage of this 60-day trial: Backup Exec 22 Download

To learn how to configure S3-compatible cloud storage with Backup Exec, read this article.

And for more details on Backup Exec Simple Subscription License, refer to the Backup Exec licensing guide.