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Transfer Rate

I'm backing up a server at night across a T1 line when the office is closed.  I'm backing up to a NAS.  I have compression turn on in the BE2012 software.  What kind of transfer rate should I expect to be getting?  We are seeing around 14MG/min.

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What is the transfer rate

What is the transfer rate when you copy data from NAS to the Backup Exec server?

Transfert Rate information


I use 2 NAS backup from shared folder on Gb networks switch :

Qnap : 662 Mo/min (Incr Bkup from file server)

Netgear :635 Mo/min (Diff Bkup From Sql database)

Disk to tape : (LTO 3 on SCSI) 1388 Mo/min

Duplicate VM backup from qnap to netgear (with verify) : 352 Mo/min

All jobs rate are without Verify.

Another information : on SAN with LTO on SAN fiber channel (but in this case, we thinks there is something wrong on the FC & multipathing)

Backup to Deduplication folder (folder under the SAN with Hight fragmented level) : 

VM backup : 5000 Mo/min (comming from the lan area)

Duplicate from deduplication folder to tape (LTO 5) : 7000 Mo/min

I hope it could help you