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Trial Veritas software for testing on sun solaris x86 server

Team ,

Please help me to get the trial software of Veritas for sun solaris x86 server

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Not sure I understand what

Not sure I understand what you are asking for

The BackupExec media server can only be on a Windows machine.

The standard TrialWare download should include the RALUS (RemoteAgent for Linux and Unix Systems)

TrialWare is here after you expand "storage"


Note that only Solaris 10

Note that only Solaris 10 64-bits is supported on Intel/AMD on x86-64 hardware.

Trail software for Veritas volumn manager for sun solaris OS x86


How can i download the veritas software for sun solaris x86 servers and how to configure the root disk mirroring..


Warm Rgds


Veritas Volume Manager is now

Veritas Volume Manager is now part of Storage Foundation.  It is a different product from BE.  Its forum is part of the Storage and Clustering community.  Perhaps you should post your queries at that forum.

For root mirroring

You can also use the  solaris disk suite tool to make a mirror of the root disk

Veritas Volume Manager

How can i download Veritas Volume Manager software for solaris 10 64 bit..


Go here 

Go here

and select "Trialware"


If you decide that this fills your needs, you can then purchase and install the serials to make the software production, without having to uninstall/reinstall