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Troubleshooting Domino Agent with BackupExec 12.5


A client is running Lotus Domino under Windows 2003 and BackupExec 12.5. Over the weekend, the IT department migrated the Domino installation to a new disk as its existing disk was filling up.

However, the BackupExec console is no longer showing the Lotus Domino Databases tree in the selections for the server. (The Domino and BackupExec installations reside on the same server.)

The IT department is doing some troubleshooting of the Domino server which appears to be unrelated to this.

My question is:

If Domino is moved to another disk, is there anything that needs to be done in BackupExec so BE can see that there are valid Domino databases on the server?

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Check the selection list

Check the selection list firstly, as it can happen the selection contains the path for the old drive .

You may try creating a new selection list and run a backup Job.

Incase if the backup Fails let us know the error.


also, see if the following

also, see if the following document is helpful

try restarting the Backup Exec services


What is the version of

What is the version of Domino?

Thanks for the replies. The

Thanks for the replies.

The selection list did not show Lotus Domino databases as it did before. I'm not in charge of the Domino server and know very little about it.

The IT department appears to have left out certain steps in the Domino migration. I don't know what those steps are but they did a few things that made the Domino selection tree appear in BackupExec. After they finished, I restarted the BE services.

As for the version of Domino, I suspect it's 8.0. The IT department didn't volunteer that information and I did not request it, although I was anticipating they upgraded to 8.5 which would have necessitated an upgrade of BackupExec.

I ran into some browsing issues in BE after these changes but I found the registry workaround. The next backup is scheduled to run tonight so we'll see if everything works properly.

Thanks again for all the suggestions!