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Trying conduct a catlog on using Backup Exec 2010

Level 2

I was trying to conduct a catalog on using the following equipment HP 1840 tape drive using the following tapes HP c7972A which is a 400GB tape and the problem is the catalog starts and it asks for the tapes but the catalog never take place and it is register as successful.  But, no information was recorded.  What I want to add is that the tapes were created using a 448 tape drive but the server is same no changes there expect for the new tape drive that was added and the backup exec product is 2010.  Any help would be appreciated.




Level 6



LTO-4 should be able to read LTO-2 media

Before you execute the catalog, do you inventory the tape?

Level 2

Yes, before I try to initiate the catalog I inventory both tapes.  Up until I replace the tape drivers, I had daisy chain two (448) tape drives since the backup job required two tapes but with the tape drive update I'm no longer daisy chaining.

Level 6

Hi ,


Can you please go to tool -options--catalog-- uncheck the first check box & then run the catalog

If that doesn't help then try making existing catalog folder as catalog_old by going to c-programfiles-symantec-backupexec or you can check catalog location in tools-options-catalog


And then restart backup exec services & then see if the catalog works


Please mark this post resolved if this resolves the issue


Thank You