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Trying to Restore from Arcserve 7 for Netware Tapes with BE 10d for Windows

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I'm trying to catalog and restore data stored on DLT tapes orginally created on a Netware 6 server running Arcserve 7 for NW, and having no luck. The catalog operation runs for a couple of hours and clocks up 20 GB worth of data read, but then fails in the end. Also, trying the same thing with an Arcserve 6 for NW tape results in the same failure.

I am certain that the Arcserve tapes were not created with software compression enabled. Also, due the catalog operation, I see vaild file system paths and file names displayed in BE. Also, if I look in the restore section (after the failed catalog operation), I see the tape ID and folders and files below it. However, attempts to restore any fail also.

Any thoughts?



Level 6
Hello Jack,
Does it give an error Message at the end when it fails as you said?

Perhaps the following Article will help you:


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