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U01 files to a readable format

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I have a client that would like me to catalog some old archive tapes so that they can see what is on them, the problem is that they are not (and will not be) authorized to use BE. I was wondering if there is a way that I can copy the catalog files to a readable format (word pad or something similar).


Does anyone know of a way that the client would be able to view what is on the tapes directly without having to catalog them?

Any help would be appreciated.

OS: Windows Server 2K
BE 9.1 Revision 4691

Level 6
Not real sure what good knowing what is on the tapes will do if the client will not be authorized to use BackupExec?

Anyway, download a copy of the v9.1 install file. Install on a workstation in demo mode, and run catdump against the U01 file(s)


Level 4
Use the catdump utility

Level 6
Hi Mike,

Could you please update us on the issue? Do you have any further queries?

Thanks a lot!

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