USB RDX Drive not showing in Stand alone drives.



I am using backup exec 12.5 and recently my usb Iomega REV drive died.  I was using that as the device that backups were writing to.  I have replaced this device with a Tandberg RDX 160GB drive.  I have entered this as B2D, I ran a test and it appears to be readable/writable.  My question is this, my Iomega USB device showed up in stand alone devices, but my new RDX does not appear there.  I am sure it could be something silly since I am a new sys admin.(on the devices tab)

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I don't understand.  If your

I don't understand.  If your new drive does not appear in the Devices tab, how do you define a B2D folder on it?  Does the new drive appear in the Windows Device Manager?


Yes, the drive appears in

Yes, the drive appears in Windows Device Manager, under disk drives.  I am also having an issue where the RDX disk being ejected after the previous nights backup is causing the B2D job to go offline.


You can uncheck the Eject

You can uncheck the Eject after job completes checkbox in your job properties.