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Unable to Activate Symantec Backup Exec License 2012

Hi Experts,


Recently I had installed Sysmantec Backup Exec 2012 to Windows Server 2008 R2. Current envirinement I've Symantec Backup Exec 2010 which is no longer use. I tried to install license using Backup Exec 2010 but its failed.

My quiestion is, it possible to install Symantec Backup Exec 2010 license into new Backup Exec 2012?

Please Advice,


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Hi, Check this

Check the forum, hope it

Hi No BE 2010 licenses cannot


No BE 2010 licenses cannot be used for BE 2012. You would have to upgrade your licenses by contacting licensing team and once they are upgraded to BE 2012 you can use them

BE 2012 used SLF keys for activating the S/W as like other earlier version never used to use SLF keys.

Please check link

To contact licensing please check link

Hope that helps



Hi Ashish-Sharma, Below is

Hi Ashish-Sharma,

Below is the status of my Backup Exec 2012 server. The Backup Exec already expired. When I tried to activate using serial number Backup Exec 2010 failed with "The serial number (s) enttered could not be validated". Only for software maintanance able to activated with successfuly.


I tried to configured backup for file server but when the backup is running I found that the job backup has failed.


Please advice Sir,


EDITED as the information was

EDITED as the information was already given previously (TA)

You need to upgrade your Licence key 2010 to 2012

Check this thread and also Mention

...please don't repeat

...please don't repeat information that someone else has already given...this isn't the SEP forums!


Hi, I have not shared any


I have not shared any information which is in Repeat forum, I have only submitted the information which is provided by me on above comment.


...the only difference is

...the only difference is your link. Your information is the same re. the 2010/2012 license incompatibility as Backup_Exec...don't split hairs!