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Unable to activate Backup Exec 12 using ".slf" file

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We have purchased symantec Backup Exec 12 for our projects. We have installed the product on our server with Windows 2008 R2 Standard SP1 OS. However at the activation page, we get an option to enter a key in alphanumeric combination only. There is no option to browse for a ".slf" file. Please let us know the procedure to activate the product with a ".slf" file.




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...BE in BE 2012? Run the installation and let it complete.

once done, try adding the license key in.


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.slf files are available for license activation only from Backup Exec 2012 onwards. Assuming you are using BE 2012 and not BE 12.0 (both are different versions), then pls contact the Licensing Team to confirm you have the right .slf

If you are using BE 12.0 and not BE 2012, then prior versions of BE such as BE 2010, BE 12.5, BE 12.0, BE 11 require an alpha-numeric license key. This can be obtained by contacting the Licensing Team

Also, BE 12.0 does not support Win 2008 R2. You would require atleast BE 2010 onwards.

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Backup Exec 12 is not using SLF files, but license keys.

You may have to contact Symantec Licensing support to downgrade your license to a previous version.

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Unless you have a very good reason, you should not use either BE or 12 BE 2012. The former is either EOL or close to it and the latter has some missing features. You should contact the Symantec Licencing department to find out the version of BE that your .slf files are good for and use that version instead