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Unable to backup 2 servers to a RDX quikstor cartridge with Backup Exec 2012

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I am at a total blank as to how to setup a backup job that will backup 2 servers onto 1 rdx quikstor cartridge in backup exec 2012. I've read through countless articles but none have been helpful what so ever!

I have 2 servers and a RDX Quikstor drive with disk based cartridges.

Server1 is an SBS 2011 box with BE2012 and has an internal RDX Quikstor drive.
Server 2 is a Remote Desktop Server with SQL.

All i'm trying to do is complete a full backup of Server1 and Server2 to a single data cartridge.

I have setup 2 seperate backup jobs for each server because it would seem that's how the new BE2012 version is designed.
I can successfully backup Server1 to the data cartridge but then I want the second job for Server2 to also backup to that same data cartridge without overwriting the data just written.

No matter what I do I cannot get the second job for Server2 to append the backup job to the data cartridge.
I've tried 3 or 4 different data retention policies, but I still can't get the second backup job for Server2 to write to the same data cartridge without prompting to overwrite the disk cartridge or asking for another cartridge.

I can't see the option to append anywhere for a disk cartridge.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.


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In BE 2012, you cannot append to either disk storage or disk cartridge devices.  Did you define a disk cartridge device on each of your cartridges.  If you have done so, this is enough.

You would need to set up a media set with an OPP to specify how long you want to retain your data.

Have you check the amount of data that is stored when you back up Server1 and the capacity of your cartridge?  If most of the capacity is already taken up by this backup, then the backup of Server2 would required another cartridge.

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Actually, in BE 2012, media sets can be associated with both tapes & disk cartridges & you can specify append period in the media sets...and this is applicable for storage defined as disk cartridge and not disk storage...


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You can specify an append period in the media set, but you cannot choose append in your job if you are writing to a disk cartridge device.  Hence the append period is useless in the case of disk cartridge devices.

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Ageee with pkh


2012 does not allow append jobs to RDX and does not present any choice to append in the job configuration even though it still presents the choice of media set. - however it is referring to how it lays down BKF and IMG data inside the RDX cartridge not to the cartridge itself.

It should allow the creation of a new BKF file or IMG folder on the same cartridge as the backup of the first server unless

a) at the end of the first server job you have ejected the media

b) the first server job has filled the media or almost filled the media (the latter problem would let the second job start but then fail asking for a second media when the cartridge is full)


One thing I am not sure abouth is if the RDX only allows one job to run at a time and you try to start the second job before the first job has ended if it works or fails in some odd way.

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As far as I'm concerned I've tried all of the above suggestions and I still cannot get the Server2 backup job to append / backup to the disk cartridge. I must be making a mistake somewhere in my media set properties?

I have 2 x 160GB rdx quikstor data cartridges and just to make sure that it wasn't a free space issue I created another two seperate backup jobs for Server1 and Server 2 with about 100MB of data in each job and still it wouldn't complete the job, it ejected the media after the Server1 job and asked me to insert another cartridge for the second job, no eject cartridge option was selected in either of the backup jobs.

I rotate 2 x 160GB quikstor data cartridges on a daily basis.

Media Set properties that I have tried are as follows;

OPP: 1 Hour AP: 1 Day - backup jobs were spaced with about 15 minutes of time between each job, second backup job would not append data to the cartridge.

OPP: 6 Hours AP: 6 Hours - Server1 100MB backed up fine to the cartridge, then ejected the cartridged and asked for a new cartridge for the Server2 100mb backup job.

Another thing I've noticed also is that the Erase job doesn't actually do a single thing to the cartridge media no matter how many times I try to erase the cartridge. It comes up and says successful in the job history but never actually wipes the data from the cartridge. To clean the cartridge I have to run the format utility in windows to get rid of all the data on the cartridge.

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BE2012 just continues to disappoint - having to change views to be able to delete backup jobs!?
Are you serious right now.

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I have to agree that this is another dismal failure. I just installed my first RDX device, and I see no option to append whatsoever.


Does anyone know if append jobs to RDX work in Backup Exec 2010? I hate to uninstall just when I was prepared to start fresh with 2012... damn!

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The beta programme for BE 2012 R2 is going to be launched soon. Check the link below and try getting onto it: