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Unable to get deduplication to work

I have installed/uninstalled BackupExec 2012 for the third time - am still unable to get the deduplication option to work.  All the dedupe services are set to disabled in the services manager -- is this correct ?

I have installed the latest drivers from DataDomain to support BE2012.  I am able to backup to the DataDomain box, but get the "client-side deuplication is enabled for this job, but could not be used" error message.

Direct access sharing shows the device has been shared with this server.  The direct access properties are empty (except for logon account) so it appears the BE server is not talking with my DataDomain box.

On a side note, the dedupe stuff is working fine in my existing BE2010 environment

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Hi, That isn't right...make


That isn't right...make them Automatic and start them up. Also make sure that SP1a is installed for BE 2012 as this fixes a number of issues, and adds a couple of (minor?) enhancements to BE 2012.


I didnt think that seemed

I didnt think that seemed right -- I have tried changing to automatic and starting them (multiple times) but I get an "incorrect function" error message when they attempt to start (the Postgres service does not start either) - I have looked through Symantec's help  and found some things regarding directories that weren't created correctly, registry changes...but nothing has helped so far...

The services also change themselves back to Disabled when the server is rebooted

SP1a is installed

Please crarify the inquiry

Dear Sir:


In your BE 2012 installation, is a dedupe folder or appliance already created and working? The Dedupe services are not anabled unitl a folder is created.

When you say the existing 2010 install is working, then where is the 2012 install, in another machine or a virtual, and which one is finally connected to the data domain?

Also, how much RAM do you have on the BE 2012 install? And what is the model of the Data Domain device you are mentioning?



Its an OST devcie so the

Its an OST devcie so the service wont be configured. The services wont be configured unless you are using a deduep folder on the server.

Also make sure the OST device is configured as per this doc . I know it says 2010 but the process is the same for 2012.

Finaly to use client side deduep the plug-in must be installed on each remote server.

If the OST server is configured correctly, the plug-in is installed on the remote servers, and client side still fails. Then a support case should be opened so the issue can be investagated further.

When the plug-in is all setup

When the plug-in is all setup and cocnfigured right with BOOST licensed on the DataDomain.  Backups are really fast.  About 7000MB/min, fast.  This with 10GbE and a DD670 on DDOS4.9.  It's even faster in newer 5.x releases.



The dedupe services on my

The dedupe services on my BE2010 server are set to manual (not disabled) which is why I am confused....did they change with BE2012? 

I am not using a dedupe folder, I have the plug-in installed on all remote servers, etc, I used the document in your link to set up my BE2010 dedupe which is working fine....time to open a support case it looks like...

You are right -- in my

You are right -- in my production BE2010 environment - it works great !!

I am not using a dedupe

I am not using a dedupe folder in my BE2012 environment -- just the DataDomain appliance. The DD is working fine in my production BE2010 environment (different server, different backup targets, etc).

I have 12GB of memory on my BE2012 server - the DataDomain box is a DD160 with the latest drivers/patches

I have the same problem at

I have the same problem at one of our customers. Have you a solution?

No solution -- I have given

No solution -- I have given up on BE2012 until they come out with the next version

Hi Mark, We are getting some

Hi Mark,

We are getting some "ops" with deduplication 2012 but it´s working. Some jobs do not accept, some jobs accept and some jobs shows not able to use deduplications but looking the logs, deduplications WAS used anyway.

The sevices canot be disabled and should be like that:


Agent browser - aut

Deduplication engine - aut

Deduplication manager - aut

Device & media service - aut

Error recording service  -aut

Job engine - aut

Management service - aut

Puredisk filesystem service  - MANUAL

Remote agent for windows - aut

Backup Exec server - aut


Must have at least 8GB fisical server memmory and 1.5GB for each 1TB Data.