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Unable to get technical support

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Does anyone know how to get actual support for issues without having to wait on hold for over an hour?  Today has been far worse than normal, but I dread having to call Symantec because it's a guaranteed 75+ minute wait before you can talk to an engineer.


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I can just about guarantee you will find it faster on this forum. I gave up on the phone support. They actually tell you to call it in and have them call you back. Of course that is usually the next day.

I find I figure it out while I'm waiting on hold.

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You can log a case on the website and Tech Support will call you back.  Saves you the trouble of waiting on the phone.

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Unless it's super-urgent, try these forums first :)

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I logged a case online recently, tried to call in, then just update the case asking for a call back.  A day later they still hadn't called.


The forums are nice, but when you pay for support it is silly to have to rely on them.

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What about making your case at

And in the mean time continue with support on these forums?


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Better you could have posted your problem rather than posting issues with support. You could have got some useful advices which may help you in resolving your problem.


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I didn't post the original issue, I was just reaffirming that the original poster was not the only one with bad experiences. 


I have used the forum before and participated in it as well, I know when it is useful. 


My issue wanting to confirm that everything was setup correctly on the new 2010 Backup server for the new 2010 Exchange server as we were not seeing any log truncation messages when testing.  Turns out it only shows messages when the logging is failing (go Exchange 2010/Server 2008 R2)


So short of a forum person doing a webex session and looking at my servers with me, they rally could not do jack.