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Unable to locate browser.exe within BE15 download

Level 1

Hello Masters, 

We are trying to add new license we have recently purchased. We are following License installation wizard and have added all SLF files we have. But before It actually registered the licenses, BE asked to browse the Browser.exe file. So we downloaded the BE full version but neither we, nor BE wizard can locate the Browser.exe file anywhere in the download, which is stopping us to add/register the license. 

Can someone please help or guide us if we are doing anything wrong or missing something in this process of adding licenses?


Level 4

You make have to extract and burn the iso you downloaded to a dvd. The browser.exe file is located in the root of the DVD.


Employee Accredited Certified

You don't have to burn to a DVD , but you do need to extract the complete ISO (or mount the ISO using software utilties) 

If you extract it don't make the path too deep (as that can cause problems as well)