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Unable to open item

Using backup exec 12.5 on server 2003. The backup completes but with exceptions. There are multiple files that are skipped due to unable to open item. This just suddently started happening and nothing was changed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, could you post the

Hi, could you post the specific errors that you are getting?  

also are you using AOFO?

The exact error is unable to

The exact error is unable to open item, item was skipped. I am using AOFO.

If using any AV, ensure its

If using any AV, ensure its set to exclude from scanning the BE processes.

Btw, what files are listed as skipped ? Are these temp files or cookies or any DBs ? Would you post the job log.

And edit the backup job properties & choose the "Advanced" option on the left side. Is the last setting set to "Never" ?

If yes, then the job log exceptions can be expected as "Never" option's intended behavior is "Skips open files if they are encountered during the backup operation. A listing of skipped files appears in the job log for the backup".

Another reason could be that these files were not open earlier and hence backed up. Another remote possibility is the corruption of the backup selection list itself. Try recreating it.


If the job has databases like

If the job has databases like SQL or Exchange along with flat files in the selection list, try running them in seperate jobs.