Unable to repair database through beutility or repair installation

When I try to use any of the database tools in the BEUtility I get something like this
Starting database recovery.
Stopping Services
Stopping services for server:MYSERVER.
Server:MYSERVER, Service:BackupExecJobEngine stopped successfully or was not running.
Server:MYSERVER, Service:BackupExecRPCService stopped successfully or was not running.
Server:MYSERVER, Service:BackupExecDeviceMediaService stopped successfully or was not running.
Stopping services for server MYSERVER completed.
Performing database recovery for BEDB database.
Error: The database linkage is bad.
Database recovery for server MYSERVER ended with errors.

I found in the BE KB articles more information on repairing the installation/database. I resolved myself to completely recreating each job, etc and went to repair the installation using the 10.0 install CD. It got through quite a bit of the install before rolling back.

Here's what I found in the job log:

05-08-2006,08:48:28 : Executing Attach_BEDB.
05-08-2006,08:48:28 : Could not start the SQL server MAIN1\BKUPEXEC with service name of MSSQL$BKUPEXEC
05-08-2006,08:48:28 : Unable to connect to SQL Server.
05-08-2006,08:48:28 : Action ended 8:48:28: InstallFinalize. Return value 2.
05-08-2006,08:48:28 : Action 8:48:28: Rollback. Rolling back action:

Do I need to do just a complete uninstall and reinstall everything or is there a better/quicker/more effective way to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance....
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Re: Unable to repair database through beutility or repair installation

wow. i've got to say it's pretty darn disappointing that i couldn't get an answer to my question here.

i did eventually get veritas back up and running. here's how:

uninstall veritas.
reinstall veritas.

i did lose all my job info, media info, etc, but i was already resigned to recreate everything so it wasn't that big of a deal.

i would really like to suggest a better response time from the moderators. i monitored the board all day and saw post after post answer/responded to while mine kept dropping down list unanswered.

Re: Unable to repair database through beutility or repair installation


We regret the inconvenience caused.

However for future reference please see the following:

The Tools>Options>Database Maintenance >Save contents of database to the Backup Exec data directory dumps the data contained in the database into the Backup Exec data directory so that the database backup file (BEDB.bak) can be backed up. The dump file will be maintained in the data directory until the next database maintenance process is performed and then this file will be overwritten. Selecting this option enables you to recover the database in the event of failure.

This operation can also be performed using "Dump Database" option from the BEUTILITY.

To recover the backed up database in case of any disaster, perform the following steps:

1.Restore the BEDB.bak from the tape and replace the existing BEDB.bak in the DATA folder. The Default path to the DATA folder is C:\Program Files\Veritas\Backup Exec\NT.

2.Goto BEUTILITY and select the Media Server from the All Media Servers. Select the option "Recover Database" under Database Tasks.

If you have any other questions on this issue please revert.


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