Unable to restore an Exchange Mailbox



The above is the error message I receive when trying to restore a users mailbox.  Using BE2010.

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windows 2003, not xp

windows 2003, not xp


Verify that backup exec is

Verify that backup exec is fully patched up with the most current version by running live update and pushing the remote agent out to all remote servers... 

also verify that the BESA has the correct rights needed to backup/restore to exchange 




Edit: additionally what is the Final error being thrown in the job log... 




the final error

the final error is



v79-57344-915  'Unable to complete tje operation for the selected resource using the specified options.   The following error  was returned when opening the Exchange Database File:    '-1022   There is a disk IO errror'.



BESA most definitle has the correct righs.


When you ran live update did

When you ran live update did it show the server as fully patched up? if so please make sure that the agent being used on the remote machine is also fully patched up


the final error will look more like the following 


Final error: 0xe0000393

with text to follow as in the following technote



Additionally what version of exchange are you trying to restore to? is this the same version of exchange that you backed up from? have you been able to successfully restore previously?


BE 2010 is fully patched. No

BE 2010 is fully patched.

No remote agents involved.

Backup to tape was done on the native macjhine itself.   runnning Exchange 2003.  

Trying to restore a mailbox from previously made tape on this server.

Succesful restores in the past, yes!


Is this a Small business

Is this a Small business Server?

Please verify that the mailbox created for the System Logon Account is still active and unhidden from the GAL. Verify this by sending a communication to and from it .


Windows server 2003 R2 /

Windows server 2003 R2 / Standard Edition / Service Pack 2

Not a small business server

Account is active and able to receive/transmit messages, not hidden


Just so that im clear you do

Just so that im clear you do have Exchange and the B.E. media server installed and running on the same box correc


That is correct.

That is correct.


HMMM ,     Please run try to



 Please run try to run the restore again with debug enabled. Please view the following documentation on how to do so 




running it now with debug

running it now with debug enabled.


Hi,   Have you tried to



Have you tried to manually stage to disk first before restoring the mailbox?

If you don't know how too, read my article below:




job completed.   failed

job completed.   failed again.   saved log file and it is attached.