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Unable to restore backup (Backup Exec 15)

One of our Hyper V server (configured as Managed Backup Exec Server) recently failed. I am attempting to restore the file backups from one of the VM's hosted on the Hyper V server however  the job does not start an it's status remains in "Ready; Invalid storage device".

The storage device is a QNAP NAS, which all the backups were backing up to and I have connected this NAS drive to the Certral Administration Server vis ISCSI so I am able to see all the backup files (BEData)

I have run a Inventoryand Catalog on the storage (this completed successfully)

I am not sure what the next steps would be to follow.

Other backup restores are fine for other Managed Backup Exec Server and I am able to restore files fine.

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Re: Unable to restore backup (Backup Exec 15)

P.S. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.