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Unable to see all files or folders when browsing in backup selection menu

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Good Day

Im using symantec backup exec , when im trying to use backup menu to exclude folders from backup it's only showing the main folder and not showing any items included in the folder.

Attached photo showing the error

Thanks for helping


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Hello mardini

What item have you selected on the middle pane?

Kind Regards
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i have selected one of the folder and the result is shown in the photo.

some folder show the sub folder and other not showing 

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What are you browsing (trying to backup)?  The Be server? A remote Windows machine?  an NDMP filer?

I am sure you are aware that BE 15 has been unsupported for a couple of years now.  Has this worked before or are you trying something new?

Is this specific to this one remote server or are all severs affected.
If just one folder then as Larry asked, what sort of remote server is it? Are these user shares?
You mention that some folders do show the files / subfolders underneath which would indicate this is an access/right related issue to these folders as otherwise it would not be working for all folders on that server. 

Im trying to backup localserver (file server)

BE 15 was working fine but it seems when folder size exceeded specified size this error happened , or folder and files count problem

Im looking for someone faced same problem if there is any fix for it

yes it's on some folders not all folder but I'm working with admin user so i have all permission but it seems its something related to folder size or files and folder count on the main folder , other server working fine (exchange server)

I never seen that the size of a folder or the amount of files within a folder would prevent BE from browsing.
Can you share more info about that File Server like OS.
What happens when you use Windows Explorer from the BE server, can you then browse these folders?

OS: windows server 2012 R2

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Very strange problem. I also never seen that the number of files even multiple of 10000 or file size even multiple TBs per folder is an issue.

However, how much is the folder size and file count?

Is the filesystem NTFS formated? (only to be sure)

I, think there have to be a live session with debug logging on the remote agent with a partner (like me) or veritas support if the next steps don't bring a solution.

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attached photo for 2 folder i can't view the subfolder in them

File system : NTFS


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These Folders are not big enough to produce any errors because of size.

Perhaps there is a filesystem error or corrupt file, not showing up in the windows explorer.

Possible to run a write-proteced chkdsk on E:\? (Copy or Backup of the data should be done before any repair actions)

Perhaps Veritas SGMON Tool on the remote server could show this errors.

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