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Unable to unlock external media (Dell Powervault TL2000)

I am using Symatec Backup Exec 12.5. I am also using a Dell Powervault TL2000. I am unable to run an Inventory, a cleaning job, or lock or unlock the robotics library. All jobs just stay as queued for hours untill I cancel the job. Then I have to reboot the server because the job just stays as cancelation pending for hours. This is very frustrating. Does anyone have a clue of what to do to resolve this? 

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Hi, Go to the devices TAB and


Go to the devices TAB and right ckicl on the drive-->Disable and delete it...disable and delete all the drives and the medium changer...Restart backup exec services...We are forcing BE to recognize the library

Check if you have any hardware errors in the windows event viewer (5,7,9)

Make sure the library is listed in the Windows device manager and has symantec drivers and the medium change drivers are from microsoft (Unknown medium changer)

Hope this helps..

Hi,   Have you gone into the



Have you gone into the Devices tab and Paused/Unpaused your server?



1) shutdown both your library

1) shutdown both your library and media server

2) power up your library

3) power up your media server.

4) try your utility jobs again.