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Unable to update to Backup Exec 21.4

Level 2

I am unable to update backup exec from 21.2 (not R2) to 21.4, trying to update to 21.2 R2 fails as well with the same error. Attached is my log file but below are the errors:

 03-18-2022,17:30:34 : LockdownAPI initialization failed. Details: BE_EnableLockdownMaintenanceMode - InstantiateLockdownAPI() - The caller was signed, but either the signature is not the one expected or the signature was invalidated.

03-18-2022,17:30:45 : V-225-315: ERROR: StopBEServices failed with a value of 1603 ***To search for information about this error, click here
+ 03-18-2022,17:30:45 : FATAL ERROR: BEMSI;InstallManager.dll;InstallManager.cpp;-1603:IM_StopBEServices()-StopBEServices()


Can anyone help?


Yeah, that didn't work unfortunately..