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Unable to view all Job History correctly - BE15-FP5

Level 4

Having upgraded from a very stable Backup Exec 2015-FP4 to FP5, im suffering from being unable to view all my Job History.When i scroll down to the bottom Im getting the errors as shown in this document

The Job history seems to be constantly trying to load data, even though im not clicking on it. Also the ability to right click on the Job history has stopped working, probably due to it constantly refreshing.

FP5 was meant to address this issue with FP4 but for me it has gone the other way. FP5 has introduced this issue as i didnt have any issues with FP4. Ive also applied the FP5 Hotfix for ODBC which hasnt made any difference.

Is anyone else suffering from this problem ?






Level 4

This seems to have fixed itself.

Im not sure if it was when i ran windows updates and installed KB3186208 which is a .net 4.6 reliability update, or whether it is because i have removed custom filtering from the job history view and its just showing the default view.

Ether way its not constantly trying to refresh / loading and can see Full Job History no problem now.