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Understanding architechture of Backup Exec

I would like to know the architecture of Backup Exec, where do I refer or where can I download the material? I am not interested to pay and do certification. I can learn on my own. Can anyone guide me on how to get the appropriate study materials? There is no such document available as tech article or as pdf.


Please help!

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Hi If you want to learn then


If you want to learn then the best thing is start learning by installing it on server and then with help of Admin guide go through different section one by one & that should be  more than enough to give the certification and understanding backup exec

Backup Exec 2012 - where to find manuals, videos and trainings.

AdminGuides, SCLs & HCLs - Backup Exec (All Versions)

How to get updates for Backup Exec - Service Pack, Hotfix, and Device Driver updates

Hope that helps


  Thanks for reply! However,


Thanks for reply! However, I have fair knowledge on all these basics. I need know How the backup exec actually works and communicates with agent. How the backup and restore operation is being performed? How actually installed in a server and communicates with different software and hardware components?

I try to understand

I try to understand architechture, not basics.