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Unexpected resource not found in the previous instance of this job errors

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All of a sudden with no intentional changes except possibly automatic Windows updates, several servers at multiple sites hyper-v backups are reporting resources not found in the previous instance of this job.  This is weird

Is there a known issue in the last couple days causing this?


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Have you tried to see if there is an update to the RAWS agent too that you can push out to these servers? Something else to try is to redeploy the RAWS agent and see if this fixes it.


At this time, it is impossible for a Veritas Backup Exec Deduplication protected device to be moved to a new dedup server without calling support.  This is terrible.  I recommend your agent look for previous dedup registrations and warn us when we try to register another.  This self-destructing Backup Exec software doesn't work

When this problem is present, the device and media service crashes when a backup begins.  The service seems to auto-restart and Backup Exec reverts to discovering storage.  After the discovery is complete, the backup actually begins but there are now several "new" tape drives and possibly remote Linux resources present in storage.  This is causing multiple issues and repeats with each backup where the problem exists.  This also occurs when registering dedup storage for a device.  In this exact case, it reported the actual resource as having been changed.  Of course, nothing changed.

What we found is, a device cannot be protected by multiple dedup servers or registered with a new server once it's already been registered. 

This has been going on for years at multiple sites where we notice random OstDrv tape drives and Linux remote storage randomly appearing in storage all funky-like.  We've also seen jobs failing to obtain GRT, resources changing like I mentioned when creating this post and I've had multiple support cases end with the result "I don't know why you have four Linux remote agents with Dedup storage that really doesn't exist".

There are also many KB articles relating to this spanning more than a decade:

Kudos to those that found the solution: