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Uninstall Backup Exec 15

Level 3

How do I uninstall this manually so I can reinstall?

I backed up everything and I tried to uninstall from add/remove and it won't let me. Does Veritas have a app to uninstall this like the clean tool for SEP or is there anything I can do like registry edits to delete so I can reinstall this?


Community Manager
Community Manager
Employee CPEP

Thanks but that didn't work either

Level 4

What is the error or message you get when you try to uninstall Backup Exec from Add/Remove?

All your original post had was " I tried to uninstall from add/remove and its the same".


Well I meant it wouldn't uninstall like nothing happened. Right now I'm trying to remove with the backup exec iso since it won't let me install it and its stuck at computing space requirements.

So at this point I can't uninstall it via add remove and its not even listed. I can't do a repair via the iso, and remove is just stuck at computing space requirements.

I did a quick Google search on "computing space" taking a long time and it looks like it is some kind of Microsoft Installer issue. Unfortunately I didn't find a reason for that error. It appears that it will eventually get past that, but not sure how long it will take.

You might try using the command line uninstall parameter. If you open a command prompt and navigate to the setup.exe on the DVD I beleve the parameter /Uninstall will start the uninstall process and maybe able to get past the 'computing space' issue.

There is a tech note on the various command line parameters at:

The switch for uninstall is /UNINSTALL