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Uninstall of Backup Exec 12

Hi Everyone,

I am currently stuck trying to uninstall Backup Exec 12 from an SBS 2008 server.


Uninstalling through add/remove programs got me no where other than Windows thinking the software had been uninstalled.

I have followed the guide found here:, but still cannot remove it from either program files and program data. I am admin on the server but assume there must be some other magically username/password to remove this (or other magically technique).



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Do you receive any error when

Do you receive any error when you try to delete the BE folders from Program Files or ProgramData ?

If UAC or AV is enabled, does disabling it help ?

Was a reboot done after following the manual uninstallation steps ?

You can try the replacement

You can try the replacement for the Microsoft Cleanup Utility on the link below and see if this helps:


Thank you guys.  The manual

Thank you guys.  The manual uninstall has stopped all of the processes, whihc is ultimately what was needed.  The server is being migrated shortly so it will do for the time being.