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Up to date backup not found on tape


I am the new IT Engineer at a small company and I've recently had some issues with Backup Exec 2012. The issue is fixed however and backups are running as they should. To prepare myself for the need to restore files in the future I decided to have a test run. I highlighted the server I wanted to restore files from and selected Restore button then selected File and folder backups. However the list of backup I can see on this page are from last month. I did run a couple of successful backups this week (one of the backups were definitely on the tape I currently have inserted) but nothing up to date is showing. Am I missing something here?

I was advised to performed an inventory and catalogue but I still get the out dated backups listed. The up to date backups are present for another server on the same tape but not the server I am looking for.

It's a physical server running Windows Server 2011, Symantec Backup Exec 2012 and we're using tape as the media. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Up to date backup not found on tape

Hi Mike,

Are you sure the tape wasn't perhaps overwritten?