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Update BE 15 to 21.1


please excuse my english not so good.

I would like to update BE 15 over BE16 to BE21.1, but I always get a transfer error during licensing.

I was told by Veritas support that I can update to BE21.1.

Maybe someone can help me with this problem.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Update BE 15 to 21.1

you can upgrade from 15 to 21. refer the chart here
While entering the licenses, you can download the slf file and put that while installing 21.

Re: Update BE 15 to 21.1

Thank you, 

But the authorization-ID cannot be verified.

I also have the authorization to download version 15 - 21.1! (see Attachment)

Re: Update BE 15 to 21.1

@Nickmann , Check on the VEMS/licensing portal - what do you see under 'Service Expiration' and 'Service Status' headings?

If software maintenance is up-to-date, you will be entitled to generate BE 21 licenses.


Re: Update BE 15 to 21.1

Hallo Marianne, many thanks for your response.

In the license portal it looks like the service has expired. But when I query the licenses in BackupExec15-program, the maintenance is displayed until March 16, 2021. (see Attachment)

Is the service status displayed in the software or in the license portal decisive?

Re: Update BE 15 to 21.1

The Licensing portal is the one that counts - it is directly linked to your purchase (Entitlement ID) and maintenance renewals.

The licensing portal shows valid maintenance for Windows Agent, but no maintenace for BE Server Ed.

Please speak to your local reseller about your best licensing options - I think ML (Multilanguage) and SBS (Small Business Server) licenses have been discontinued.

Re: Update BE 15 to 21.1

Hallo Marianne, thank you for your reply.

On June 15, 2020, I updated a BackupExec SBS 2012, to version 21.1, with an expired service contract. Apparently it was still possible at this point.

Yes then i have to get a new service contract or licence, from my Veritas dealer.

Once again, thank you very much for your help.