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Update BackupExec10 to BackupExec11d

Level 2

Hi,Two weeks ago, I updated my BackupExec 10 to BackupExec 11d.  When I did that, the entire clients DLO network directory was emptying by the DLO agent.  The directory structure was still there, but was empty of her content.  I really don’t understand what happenned.  After a moment of panic, I updated the DLO agent on the client computer and then, the synchronisation had restarted without missing data.

But one of the clients, who is the only one to use the synchronisation between his desktop and his laptop, had lost many data on his network directory and on his desktop directory.  It means that the DLO agent has deleted almost all of his data on his desktop directory.  Does anyone have an idea to help me in discovering what had happened or how to prevent that this happen again?