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Updateing Backup Exec 2014 to SP1 fails

Hi there,



i got an Small Business Server 2011 with Backup Exec 2014 without any Hotfixes installed. I need to update the Server to SP1.


But when I try I always receive an error 1603 in the Eventviewer of Windows.


Logs attached - by the way: the sa account is activated!


+ 11-14-2014,08:51:32 : V-225-1000: Patch has failed to fix BEDB data(schema). Rolling back patch process. ***To search for information about this error, click here
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : Aktion 08:51:48: Rollback. Aktion wird rückgängig gemacht:
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : Updating the Backup Exec database. This may take several minutes.
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : RB_PatchRunBEMig
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : Rolling back patch process. Restoring BEDB database backed up by this patch.
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : Restoring BEDB database from a backup executed by this patch.
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : SQL_RestoreDatabase C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data\\BEDB-2014-11-14-08-51-24.bak
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : SQL_GetServiceName. GetComputerName
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : NM-SBS
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : DRIVER={SQL Native Client};SERVER=NM-SBS\BKUPEXEC;Trusted_Connection=Yes
11-14-2014,08:51:48 : RESTORE DATABASE [BEDB] FROM DISK='C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data\\BEDB-2014-11-14-08-51-24.bak' WITH REPLACE
11-14-2014,08:52:01 : Database BEDB restored from C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data\\BEDB-2014-11-14-08-51-24.bak.
11-14-2014,08:52:01 : BEDB database has been successfully restored from C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data\\BEDB-2014-11-14-08-51-24.bak.
11-14-2014,08:52:01 : BEDB database backup file C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data\\BEDB-2014-11-14-08-51-24.bak has been removed successfully.
11-14-2014,08:52:01 : Umgebungs-Strings werden aktualisiert
11-14-2014,08:52:01 : Werte werden in die Systemregistrierung geschrieben
11-14-2014,08:54:00 : UpdateContentRouterCfg.A2DCDDDA_8CE1_4712_A777_69865E3D4F8B
11-14-2014,08:54:00 : Dateien werden dupliziert
11-14-2014,08:54:02 : Dateien werden gepatcht
11-14-2014,08:56:30 : Neue Dateien werden kopiert
11-14-2014,08:57:30 : UnloadResDll
11-14-2014,08:57:30 : Ordner werden erstellt
11-14-2014,08:57:30 : Dateien werden entfernt
11-14-2014,08:57:31 : ODBC-Komponenten werden entfernt
11-14-2014,08:57:31 : Dienste werden angehalten
11-14-2014,08:57:31 : RB_StopBEServices
11-14-2014,08:57:31 : CInstManagerOps:Smiley FrustratedtopBEServices
11-14-2014,08:57:31 : Rolling back stop of BE services
11-14-2014,08:57:31 : Upgrade state set to 8
11-14-2014,08:57:31 : BEAO options are not being installed. Continue with BEWS services start.
11-14-2014,08:57:33 : Successfully started service - bedbg. Elapsed time: 1295 ms.
11-14-2014,08:57:33 : Successfully started service - MSSQL$BKUPEXEC. Elapsed time: 0 ms.
11-14-2014,08:57:36 : Successfully started service - BackupExecAgentAccelerator. Elapsed time: 3385 ms.
11-14-2014,08:57:43 : Successfully started service - BackupExecDeviceMediaService. Elapsed time: 7317 ms.
11-14-2014,08:57:55 : Successfully started service - BackupExecRPCService. Elapsed time: 11107 ms.
11-14-2014,08:57:56 : Successfully started service - BackupExecAgentBrowser. Elapsed time: 1076 ms.
11-14-2014,08:58:07 : Successfully started service - BackupExecManagementService. Elapsed time: 11092 ms.
11-14-2014,08:58:08 : Successfully started service - BackupExecJobEngine. Elapsed time: 1092 ms.
11-14-2014,08:58:08 : Successfully started service - elementmgr. Elapsed time: 0 ms.
11-14-2014,08:58:08 : Registrierung der Komponente(n) wird aktualisiert
11-14-2014,08:59:23 : Aktion 08:59:23: SetupCompleteError.
11-14-2014,08:59:23 : Aktion 08:59:23: SetupCompleteError. Dialog created
11-14-2014,09:04:07 : SQL_SetAuditTableHFInfo: NM-SBS BKUPEXEC
11-14-2014,09:04:07 : SQL_GetServiceName. GetComputerName
11-14-2014,09:04:07 : NM-SBS
11-14-2014,09:04:07 : DRIVER={SQL Native Client};SERVER=NM-SBS\BKUPEXEC;Trusted_Connection=Yes;DATABASE=BEDB
11-14-2014,09:04:07 : SQL_ExecuteSQL rc=0 stzSQLCmd=INSERT INTO BELog (ObjectID, ParentID, OperationID, TimeStamp, Username, Message) VALUES ('{8E6C53AB-2C26-47D9-A962-CD5C0B122BBC}', 11, 8, GETUTCDATE(), 'NIKOLAIDIS\administrator', 'Error: Installation of SP 1 has failed.')
+ 11-14-2014,09:04:07 : V-225-136: The patch failed to install. Return code: 1603 ***To search for information about this error, click here
11-14-2014,09:04:07 : Checking to see if any remote agents that publish to this media server need to be updated.
11-14-2014,09:04:07 : Executing beupdateops
11-14-2014,09:04:08 : Exiting PatchSetup.exe

Thank you for your help!





8 Replies

Did you ever rename the

Did you ever rename the server ?


If the above doesn't help,

If the above doesn't help, pls post the complete install log.


Hi, sorry for the late



sorry for the late response.


Never renamed the server.


Attached the complet install log.


Issue is still present. Needing help! Smiley Sad






Stop the BE services and grab

Stop the BE services and grab a copy of BEDB.bak before running the next step. Open a cmd with elevated rights and browse to the BE install directory. Run the command:-


If this is successful, retry the installation of SP1. If not, pls post the error which you receive while running bemig.


Everything done like you

Everything done like you said.


bemig worked fine - successfully finished.


Still not working. Update still fails.


What can i do?


Does the updated install log

Does the updated install log still error out with the same error (i.e. failure when running bemig) ?

Or does it contain new information ? If not, would recommend to log a support case.

Lastly, did you try running LiveUpdate after launching the BE console using elevated rights ?


Yes same error. So i have to

Yes same error.


So i have to log a support case? Smiley Sad


Running LU via BE Console with administrative rights ends in a LU1815 error.


There isn't much helpful in

There isn't much helpful in the install log. Logging a support case will be quicker as an engineer can review your setup and figure out what's going wrong.