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Upgrade Backup Exec 2014 to Backup Exec 20

Hello Everyone I have Backup Exec 2014 64bit in the environemnt and want to upgrade to the latest version which is BE20.

I found this article , says BE2014 can direct upgrade to BE20.

1. Whats mean "Direct Upgrade"? whether we install BE20 as usual and automatically BE2014 will be upgraded?

2. How step for upgrade to BE20? because in article only says upgrade checklist for BE, not step for upgrade.


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Re: Upgrade Backup Exec 2014 to Backup Exec 20


Yes, you can direclty upgrade to BE 20.2 from BE 2014 using BE 20.2 install media and licenses. You can get the BE 20.2 media download and license information by logging through VEMS portal using your credentials. 

Steps for upgrading:

1. Download the Backup Exec 20.2 software(ISO) from the VEMS Portal
2. Extract and Install the package by running the Browser.exe file.
3. Follow the on screen instructions and complete the Upgrade and reboot the BE server.
4. Update the agents on remote clients to the current BE 20.2 version

It is also worth mentioning here to check BE 20.2 Hardware and Software compatibility list to confirm unsupported application and platform with BE 20.2

Should you still need assistance with the upgrade process, kindly open a support ticket and our installation team would assist you further.


Devang Gandhi