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Upgrade Backup Exec to 21

I installed Backup Exec 16 to my server.

And I would like to upgrade it to 21.


I have created a VM to test the upgrade processing. I used the trial versions to test the upgrade. It didn't have any error.

However, It showed a message that "Entitlement IDs for previous versions of Backup Exec are not valid in this version of Backup Exec(TM)." 



Is that means the licenses of Backup Exec 16 cannot pass to 21 ?

And when I upgrading Backup Exec 16 to 21, what things not including in below article that I need to pay attention?

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Re: Upgrade Backup Exec to 21

Yes. Licences for BE 16 cannot be used for BE 21. If you are on a current maintenance contract, you can generate new licences for BE 21.

Before upgrading to BE 21, make sure you read the the BE 22 SCL and HCL to ensure that it is compatible with your organisation