Upgrade from BE2010 to BE2012



 I am planing to upgrade from BE10 R3 to BE12. To date my BE environment is as follow:


1 Backup Exec Server with BE10 R3 and 2010 Symantec Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO)

Around 17 servers that gets backup up with dfferent jobs setup.

Around 200 client computers (XP, W7) have DLO agent installed, and daily backups are being runned.


Now i want to upgrade to BE2012 and obviously have some question even after doing some research on internet:


My understanding is that DLO is not an intergrated part of BE anymore and that we need a separate software (Symantec DLO 7.0) for that. And if i am not wrong, DLO needs to be upgraded first, but my question is

What will happen to things like user profiles, backed up data, agents installed on client computers, after the upgrade?
And what will happen to all the configurations/settings?
And does an upgrade to BE12 automatically give you a lisense for Symantec DLO 7.0?


And for the BE2012 upgrade i already have a video i found on internet which i am going to use. Is there anything i need to be carefull about when upgrading BE2012?

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If you upgrade to DLO 7.0 on

If you upgrade to DLO 7.0 on the same server, the existing settings such as profiles, NUDF etc are carried forward.

Regarding licensing, the Licensing Team would be in a better position to answer this & their contact info can be found at ~ http://www.symantec.com/support/assistance_care.jsp

BE 2012 is vastly different from its previous version & best if you can install it first on a test machine & understand the changes... here are some KBs as well ~




Hi VJware. Thanks for a

Hi VJware. Thanks for a reply. Can you please explain what will happen to the DLO agent installed on all 200 clients in my network? Will the previous agent be able to communicate with the new DLO 7.0 or do we need to upgrade them aswell? in that case how?

DLO is going to be upgraded on the same server, so NUDF and profiles should be carried forward.


As for licensing, i have already sent a request but have not got any reply yet. Will send them a new one.

DLO agents need to be

DLO agents need to be upgraded. Easiest way would be to push install from the Administration console.

DLO 7.5 has been released as well with new features such as DeDuplication & support for Win 8 as well. You may consider checking with Licensing regarding this version instead of 7.0



I got the information, and it

I got the information, and it seems like i do have the license for upgrading both the BE and the DLO. According to the lady i talked to, she said the best way would be to upgrade to 7.0 before upgrading to 7.5. As fir the agents upgrade, will that be able to complete within the DLO software itself? Will that automatically contact the agents within my network and upgrade them? and from the point i upgrade the DLO to 7.0 or 7.5, til i get the agents upgraded, what will happen to the backup? will it not run the backup between that period of time? It is very critical that i have all this information in hand before i go for the upgrade.

She is right, as it would be

She is right, as it would be an upgade to 7.0 first & then to 7.5

Once upgraded to DLO 7.0, the agents needs to be upgraded as well due to changes in DLO & the default instance used as well. (Backups & restores would mostly not work till upgrade of all agents is complete). Existing BE DLO users would not be able to connect to DLO 7.0

However, once you upgrade to 7.5, DLO 7.0 clients should be able to connect. I would imagine backups/restores would work till agents are upgraded to 7.5, however we recommend to upgrade the agents immediately as well.

EDIT* Confirmed the DLO 7.0 clients should be able to work fine with DLO 7.5 server till the time you can upgrade the clients.

Hi. Thanks again for the

Hi. Thanks again for the reply. I now have all the information i need for upgrading my BE system.

However, agents upgrade is the only thing which is still botherin me. Being totally unaware of how smoth the upgrade will occur is bothering me alot. Agents are installed on around 200 computers (desktop and laptops) and not all of them are within the network at the same time, with other words a time consuming process. But i assume that DLO 7.0 is not depended on all agents upgrade for it to start taking backups. I assum it will start backing up with the agents it has aleady upgrade while not backup the agents it hasnt. Is there any documen out there on agents upgrade only?