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Upgrade from Backup Exec 2012 to 2014 AFTER upgrade to W2012R2

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Hi.  I upgraded W2008R2 to W2012R2 because of MS end of support without realizing that my installed BE 2012 was not compatible with W2012R2.  So now BE2012 won't launch.  I have the install media and a license for BE2014.  Can I do an install and have it upgrade the existing  BE2012 version?  If so, is it a straight forward upgrade, and if not what is the best way to install BE2014 and apply my old settings (catalogs, job history, tape drive drivers, etc.)?



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Just run the BE 2014 installation media and follow the instructions to upgrade.

Do note that Be 2014 is a very old version.  You might want to upgrade to the latest version of BE which is BE 20.6.

Hi pkh..Thanks for the quick reply.  Given that I already upgraded to Windows 2012R2 which renders BE services unable to start, I was not sure if the BE 2014 would detect all the BE 2012 components properly. 

I did start the BE 2014 install process and got to the "Configure Options" section w/o seeing any reference that it detected BE 2012 and was doing an upgrade as opposed to a clean install of BE 2014.  When I compared the "step by step" install instructions for BE 2014 in article 100012956, it defaulted to the "custom installation" window instead of letting me choose "typical" or "custom" install, so I did not get the "Service Account" entry window to enter the user account to run BE services, etc.  In addition, during the "Configure Options", I didn't see the check box under the Backup Exec 2014 main options for "install Tape Device Drivers" checkbox listed, but the BE 2012 version already installed uses a tape drive.

I also have not found a step by step upgrade instruction sheet for my specific scenario so this is why I wanted to confirm that the upgrade BE 2012->BE 2014 could be done even after the server has been updated from W2008R2 to W2012R2, as BE 2012 is not running on the newly upgraded server.

Thanks for confirming that an upgrade and not clean install will occur.

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Hi.  I am attempting the BE2014 install again in hopes of upgrading the existing BE2012, on the server that I already upgraded to W2012R2 (again BE2012 is not working b/c of un-startable BE services after the OS upgrade).  I am at the install "Destination" stage and when I choose the default and existing BE2012 location, and I get the "Remote Administrator files are available at the following location: C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\ Make sure you select a new destination folder".  

How do I get past this error message w/o picking to install (hopefully upgrade) BE2014 at a different location than this?