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Upgrading File Server & Restoring from tape

Level 2

Good morning,

I need some confirmation that what I am about to do is feasible before I make changes to production sever.

I have inherited a legacy file server that needs to be upgraded from Server 2003 to 2008 R2.  The file server was configured with a single 5 disk RAID 5, with 30GB allocated as C: for OS, and 850GB (50% free) allocated as E: for data.  I am planning to redo the partitions so that C: is 100GB.  The end goal is to have the server re-partitioned, OS upgraded to 2008R2, and restore data to E with NTFS permissions intact.

My course of actions are:

1. Take Full Backup (Backup Exec 2012)

2. Redo partition and fresh install 2008R2

3. Configure the server with same name, ip, etc

4. Install agent on the server

5. Do restore on E: from tape

Will the above steps workout ok?  Or will Backup Exec not like the fact that the same named server now have different OS (even though I'm only restoring data on E:)?

Thanks in advance for any inputs.


Level 6

Those steps from a highlevel should work fine.  

You can also look to some partition editing tools, some free some paid for (<$200) to resize your partitions.  Then do an inplace upgrade, or just overwrite C:

Level 2

Sounds like a good plan of action.

Make sure that you have the media server name precisely as its counterpart.

Also, as you mentioned, be very cautious while assigning the server name , IP and the domain name (name changes have a tendency to cause conflicts).

Also the remote agent that you are installing, do make sure that under the publishing tab, it is able to communicate with the media server.


Happy Upgrade !!

Level 2

Thank you for the input.