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Upgrading Questions


I am currently using version 10D. I would like to upgrade to 11D.

Question 1: Is there a document showing how to upgrade nice an easily?

Question 2: I am considering upgrading the O/S to Windows Server 2003 x64 edition. Is there a documents outlining how to move from a 10D - 32 bit environment to an 11D - x64 environment?


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Re: Upgrading Questions


Install files for 64 it:

You can directly upgrade on the existing 10d version, it will keep all the current configuration.

Re: Upgrading Questions

be prepared for Final error: 0xe000810c - Physical Volume Library Drive not available after the "nice easy upgrade" I've burnt 7 hours trying to get (paid) support to get my backups running again... still haven't spoken to a real person...

even after the test jobs work this still happens...