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Upgrading from ver 9.1 to 10.????

Level 3
We have Backup Exex ver 9.1 with a support contract. Ever since the updates for the daylight savings time were installed on our WIn2K3 server (where BE lives) , my backup jobs have been absolutely whacky. Some jobs don't run at all, others run when they should not be etc..etc... I have had jobs put themselves on hold and others cancel part way through and indicate the job was cancelled by a user - when in fact no user was even present to do so!

I think it may be time to upgrade. I've been putting it off for some time now.

My question is... What version can I upgrade to given our support contract? Ver 10 only or can I move up to 10d? WIll I have to completely redo all of the backup info, ie... reconfigure media, backup to disk devices, all backup jobs etc..??

Also, can you post a link to where the appropriate download is? Thanks, Brad

Level 6
You may get a better answer in the v10 forum. Even though it says moderated here, v9.1 went end-of-life on 18 Jan

I wouldn't waste my time on v10, tho if you are upgrading because of DST. Veritas/Symantec released a patch for 11d to address this, but no prior version was ever addressed.